David Ball responds to Owen Paterson's proposal to scrap the UK's Climate Change Act

Date Added: 20/10/2014

David Ball's response to Owen Paterson's proposal to scrap the UK's Climate Change Act

Owen Paterson, former Environment Secretary, has claimed that the Climate Change Act is fatally flawed and proposes that Britain should withdraw from the legislation. In response David Ball, Founder and Chairman of David Ball Group, says the time to act on climate change is now, regardless of other countries’ participation. 

David says “the Climate Change Act commits Britain to a very real issue which we can’t afford to put off any longer. Pledging to reduce our carbon emissions by 80% in 2050 is a fantastic start for Britain but to go back on this now would be hugely detrimental to our progress, and would send out the wrong message around the globe about the necessity of combatting climate change.”

One of the fundamental reasons Mr Paterson objects to the Climate Change Act, which pledges Britain will reduce its carbon emissions by 80% in 2050, is that no other country has committed to such legally binding terms; however David sees this as an opportunity rather than an issue.

“In the long term it is critical that other countries participate in measures to cut carbon emissions. But here and now Britain has an opportunity to lead the way and position itself as a leader in climate policy and green innovations, to tackle climate change head on. By investing in these principles now, we also protect ourselves from the huge future costs caused by a changing climate. Putting off action will only make these costs even more astronomical.

“The real priority is not to shy away from emissions targets but to actively encourage green innovations within existing infrastructure that could make a real difference on a national and potentially international scale.”

David Ball Group manufactures products for the global construction industry and David explains that the company sees a huge potential for green innovation in this sector.
“Currently the production of cement is the third highest man-made producer of CO2, after transportation and energy. Through many years of research and development we have developed a zero carbon concrete – Cemfree – which provides up to a 95% reduction in CO2 compared with the industry standard.

“Cemfree uses a by-product of other industries and if operating at the capacity of the UK alone, would account for a saving of 2,100,000 tonnes of CO2 a year, which is the equivalent of taking 750,000 cars off the road each year.

“The potential of Cemfree is incredible and it is not alone, there are other green innovations, many of which were invented in the UK, which could really make the prospect of achieving the Climate Change Act a reality.”


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