Our Story

David Ball Group embraces a 140 year legacy of materials innovation dedicated to the advancement of quality and performance in the challenging arenas of construction and industry.

With industry-leading brands such as PUDLO Waterproof Concrete and David Ball Specialist Sands, the Group’s reputation for quality products is indisputable. Cemfree is the latest ground-breaking addition to this impressive portfolio.

Engineering materials are our business

For almost half a century, David Ball Specialist Sands has set the bar in the preparation and supply of British standard and unique, ultra high quality sands for process testing and manufacturing.

Durable construction is our strength

Research & Development is at the heart of what the Group does, harnessing the power of chemistry to enhance the long-term performance of built structures with a dynamic brand portfolio.

Concrete innovation is our passion

In the 1990s, the performance of integrally waterproof concrete was taken to a new level by David Ball Group as it reformulated PUDLO, the world’s first commercial concrete waterproofing admixture introduced a century before. Re-engineered around modern architectural needs, its enhanced capabilities came with the first - and still unmatched - guarantee of the completed concrete structure.

Sustainable progress is our commitment

A major milestone in David Ball Group’s sustainable legacy is Cemfree, a totally cement-free alternative to conventional concrete. With the ability to produce structural concrete without the use of Portland cement, this revolutionary material is the result of years of dedicated development by the Group’s research scientists.


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